Breaking & Entering Benefits Homeless Families At Solutions For Change

By Christina Asai, 6:34 pm on November 24, 2020

VISTA, CA – On Tuesday, December 1st, more than 150 recently homeless parents and their children will walk into a dramatic transformation of the Solutions for Change campus they left just a few hours earlier. Hundreds of volunteers from dozens of local groups sign up a year in advance to be part of this most magical day of the year.

Volunteers “break and enter” into a unit equipped with a personal bio of the family, then deck out the unit with holiday cheer – stocked refrigerators, new handmade quilts, personal notes of encouragement, gifts under a fully personalized and decorated Christmas Tree. Families return to their homes to find them magically transformed into a Christmas wonderland. “Tears flow freely as parents recall past holidays filled with the chaos and disappointments that accompany homelessness, many are overcome by the love of others who they’ve never met. It’s a very special moment here at Solutions that drives home one of our key messages,” says Chris Megison, Founding CEO. “You are part of a larger community, it’s not us and you, it’s all of us together as one us”, he says.

Breaking and Entering was truly magical for my family,” said Shannon Anderson, Solutions program graduate whose family was the recipient of Breaking & Entering in 2018.  “After years of hopelessness, tragedies and heartbreak, I saw the pure joy and delight in their faces.  This was the beginning of our healing process together, and we are forever grateful for Solutions for Change and all the wonderful Volunteers who came together to bless our family. My kids finally felt comfortable and free to be themselves.”

Media Contact: Veronica Baker (619) 206-4000

Date: Tues, Dec 1, 2020   11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location: 722 W. California Ave. Vista CA