Buy Local

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

Shop Local, Play Local, Eat Local, Drink Local

1. Buy Local — Support yourself: Several economic impact and case studies have shown that when you buy from local businesses you significantly strengthen the economic structure of your own community because more of the money you spend at home is likely to be spent with and circulate amongst other local businesses and service providers.

2. Buy More Efficiently: Continuing to grow San Marcos’ more than 4,000 licensed businesses, is one of the best ways to ensure a the lowest possible area prices, while guaranteeing the widest possible range of products well into the future.

3. Create More Jobs: Local businesses employ our friends, neighbors and loved ones. A greater percentage of money spent in the community means more jobs, fewer layoffs, less unemployment, more tax revenue to help with infrastructure such as schools, roads, outdoor fun and protective services.

4. Invest in Community: Local business owners often live in the community they serve. As such, they may feel a greater connection the community’s future; spend more time volunteering and donate more frequently and at a higher level.

5. Maintain Unique Community: San Marcos and the greater North San Diego County area both enjoy a distinctive flare. The City is known for a wealth of quality educational facilities, superior restaurants, abundant furniture stores, miles of hiking trails, equestrian parks; emerging arts scene and small business entrepreneurs. Dollars spent locally mean this creative and vibrant community can continue to grow, invest and prosper.

6. Make Your Taxes Work More Efficiently: Retaining existing businesses, while growing new businesses, requires little infrastructure investment and more efficiently utilizes existing public services.

7. Prosper and Live Well: Research shows high-level entrepreneurs; one-of-a-kind businesses and skilled workers are more likely to choose to invest, work and live in communities contributing to a high-level quality of life overall.

8. Receive Better Service: People hired to work in their local community by area businesses often enjoy a more complete understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers.

9. Reduce Environmental Waste: Local purchases require less transportation, less waste, fewer landfills and a brighter tomorrow for our children.

10. Support Community and Nonprofit Groups: Accessibility to local business decision makers means non-profit organizations receive more support from small businesses in their community.