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As the owner of a new business, I felt there was some value in belonging to the Chamber, to what extent was unknown. I (serendipitously) found an office in the Union Cowork space (where the chamber is located), met Rick and his team, and joined the Chamber shortly afterwards, and a few months before beginning operations. I joined the Membership Outreach Committee as a means to get to know other, community oriented business owners, and shortly after this, the Coronavirus pandemic hit. I hadn’t yet started my business when everything was coming to a screeching halt. I was able to have discussions with the business community that could have never happened were it not for my Chamber affiliation. Additionally, I witnessed first hand the heart and soul, energy and collaborative leadership provided to this community by Rick and his team.

As we continue to struggle with the challenges of changing rules and uncertainty, and the ongoing inability to meet people in person, the introductions, connections and friendships I have made thanks to the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, have been invaluable.

After months of struggling with the City of San Marcos, I originally opened my business outside City limits in County land. Some time after I joined the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce and mentioned that I would be leaving the San Marcos area when my lease was up. Mary Rhoades, the Director of Memberships, asked what it would take for me to stay in San Marcos. I told her about the issues I faced when first trying to open and she asked me, “If I can help make it easier for you, would you reconsider doing business in San Marcos?”

A few months later I signed a lease on a prominent location on San Marcos Blvd that I had been out-right told by the City three years earlier that I would not be allowed to open an escape room here. Not only did Mary set me up with a planner that helped me get permitted and zoned quickly with no headaches, but I also got a better location than I was previously in at a great price.

I can honestly say that without the help of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, I would not be doing business in San Marcos. The connections and support from Rick and Mary at the Chamber, as well as all the other Chamber members, has paid off tremendously! I look back on my first two years in business and think the only thing I really did wrong was not joining the Chamber sooner.

Cory Reeder

Mighty Awesome Productions


We are so lucky to have such an amazing Chamber of Commerce here in San Marcos. Since joining the chamber over 2 years ago we have really seen our business grow. It has also given us a great opportunity to meet many of the other local business owners and has strengthen our sense of community. Through its numerous networking events, seminars and street fairs, being a chamber member is a great asset to any business. If you have not yet joined the chamber, we highly recommend it!


Dr. Constantine Reppas & Joanna El-Maasri Reppas

San Marcos Family Dental

Becoming a member of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce has been key in establishing my presence within our local business community. The Chamber provides the right atmosphere to create and grow connections. Its leadership is as welcoming as its members, and always proactive in providing more value. I am happy to say that I am part of a family where the success of my business is part of a common goal. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to present a business insurance workshop for Chamber members and really position myself as a matter expert, we received a recognition from the Chamber at Civic Center, presented by our City Mayor, and we are constantly receiving business referrals. This is just part of what our membership is doing for us.

Silvia Calderon

Farmers Insurance Silvia Calderon Agency

The visit to our Bakery from Mayor Desmond, Economic Managers, Tess Radmill and Matthew Sanford exceeded expectations and was worth joining the Chamber just for that visit alone. The communication leading up to the visit, the suggestions to help us grow our business during the tour of our Bakery and follow up since has been nothing short of superb.

The Chambers’ leadership, CEO Rick Rungaitis, and Membership Director Mary Rhoads continuous contact with us has been fantastic. From encouraging participation in events such as morning Network Coffees and after work socials has already benefited Oasis Breads. We hired a fellow Chamber member to help us with our web site development and social media marketing. We have also received other chamber members’ feedback that has been priceless.

You are making doing business in San Marcos a pleasure.

– Dennis Walsh
CEO Oasis Breads

Aaron Gobidas of GoBeRewardedI joined the San Marcos Chamber a few months ago and it has been a great value to my company. We have attended and hosted informational seminars as well as gained 9 new clients since joining. If you are considering joining a chamber in north county do not pass this one up!

– Aaron Gobidas of GoBeRewarded