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Cory Reeder – Mighty Awesome Productions

By Rick Rungaitis, 6:53 pm on May 19, 2018

After months of struggling with the City of San Marcos, I originally opened my business outside City limits in County land. Some time after I joined the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce and mentioned that I would be leaving the San Marcos area when my lease was up. Mary Rhoades, the Director of Memberships, asked what it would take for me to stay in San Marcos. I told her about the issues I faced when first trying to open and she asked me, “If I can help make it easier for you, would you reconsider doing business in San Marcos?”

A few months later I signed a lease on a prominent location on San Marcos Blvd that I had been out-right told by the City three years earlier that I would not be allowed to open an escape room here. Not only did Mary set me up with a planner that helped me get permitted and zoned quickly with no headaches, but I also got a better location than I was previously in at a great price.

I can honestly say that without the help of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, I would not be doing business in San Marcos. The connections and support from Rick and Mary at the Chamber, as well as all the other Chamber members, has paid off tremendously! I look back on my first two years in business and think the only thing I really did wrong was not joining the Chamber sooner.

Cory Reeder

Mighty Awesome Productions