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The Real Value of Joining a
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Research Study Overview

Advocates of Chambers of Commerce have long believed that when a company is active in its local chamber, it is doing the right thing not only for the community but for its own success as well. In 2007, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) commissioned the prestigious Schapiro Group, a well known and respected Atlanta-based market research firm to study the value of belonging to a Chamber of Commerce in terms of consumer opinions. The results of the study were extremely positive.

In 2012, ACCE in cooperation with the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE) commissioned the Schapiro Group once again to study the real value of joining a Chamber, and in being active in a local Chamber of Commerce. The 2012 study, was sponsored by Insperity, a Houston-based company that provides human resources and other business services to more than 100,000 businesses nationwide. J. Mac Holladay, founder and CEO of Market Street Services, an economic development firm in Atlanta, was a key contributor of concepts used to develop the study.

The new study found positive attitudes among adults actually increased over the very favorable findings in the first study.

Infographic: Consumers Hold Higher Opinion of Chamber Member Businesses

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