• Board of Directors

  • The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is comprised of a distinguished group of volunteers representing a myriad of businesses and industries of all sizes. Directors are members in good standing. Once confirmed to the Board by a vote of the sitting Board members, each individual Board member (pictured below) serves a three-year term, and may serve up to two consecutive terms. Over a three year period approximately one third of the Board will term each year.

    Directors are selected for the purpose of governance and to provide stewardship. As stewards of the Chamber, each Board member is responsible for providing the highest level of care and protection to the Chamber, with the understanding that the organization is an asset worth caring for and preserving.

    The Board as a whole votes to provide oversight and make decisions that advance the Chamber as a viable business and community organization and to protect the assets of the Chamber for the good of the business community and membership. 

    Board members serve as fiduciaries.  A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care. A fiduciary is expected to be loyal to the Chamber organization, and to the members and stakeholders to whom he owes the duty; he must not put his personal interests before the duty, and must not profit from his position as a fiduciary.

    Board responsibilities include authorizing committees to advance the core governance functions, such as fundraising, event planning and financial management through execution of strategic plans. Directors, volunteer committees members and the staff are all accountable to work toward attaining goals that wisely use the precious resources of the Chamber, while advancing the ability of the organization to thrive. 


    Directors of the Chamber Board are required to serve on a minimum of one Chamber committee; attend a minimum of 75% of all monthly Board meetings; review the monthly Board Agenda and financials prior to each meeting; authorize the resources necessary to permit the Chamber to attain its annual budget; aid in setting the general direction of the Chamber; work within the By Laws or when needed provide recommendations for changes to the By-Laws; support the leadership and direction of the Board Chair and the Chamber Executive Officer, known as the President & CEO.

    Public Face

    Directors are encouraged to positively and professionally represent the Chamber’s Board of Directors, membership and staff at Chamber events; volunteer at Chamber events, such as the monthly Sundowner Mixer; serve on and attend one committee meeting each month; provide counsel, when requested by the Chamber's Chief Executive Officer (CEO); perform duties within his or her capabilities as requested by the Chair and/or President/CEO, including but not limited to the solicitation of new members and contact with existing members; support the Chamber financially by attending, sponsoring and fundraising for Chamber events; represent the Chamber at community events. 

    Executive Leadership

    The Executive Committee may be comprised of between six to eight positions. The five Executive Officer leadership positions are traditional; they include the Chair; Chair-Elect or Vice Chair; Treasurer; Secretary and Immediate Past Chair; the sixth position is the nonvoting Chamber President & CEO. The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Bylaws authorize the optional addition of up to two Board Members at Large. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the board between meetings.

  • Matt Simmons, Consultants Collaborative

    Matt Simmons
    Excecutive Officer
      Executive Committee
    Chair, Board of Directors

    Chair, Membership Committee
    Consultants Collaborative

  • Don Cole
    Executive Officer
      Executive Committee 
    Chair, Budget & Finance

    Teamwork Athletics


  • Todd Karnig Vice President of Sales Stone Brewing San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
    Todd Karnig
    Executive Officer
      Executive Committee

    Stone Brewing Co.

  • Lela Hankins, REMAX United

    Lela Hankins
    Executive Officer
      Executive Committee
    Past Chair, Board of Directors

    Chair, By-Laws
    Re/Max United

  • Pam Wells, California State University San Marcos
    Pam Wells
    Executive Officer,
      Executive Committee 
    Secretary, Board of Directors
    Communications Advisor

    California State University 
      San Marcos

  • Board of Directors - Board at Large

  • Derek Adams, Torrey Pines Bank
    Derek Adams
    Member, Board of Directors
    Torrey Pines Bank
  • Margie Fugate, Cocina del Charro
    Margie Fugate
    Member, Board of Directors
    Chair, Special Events

    Cocina del Charro

  • Laura Gropen, Palomar College
    Laura Gropen
    Member, Board of Directors
    Chair, Government Affairs

    Palomar College

    Ginger Hitzke
    Member, Board of Directors
    Hitzke Development, Neighborhood Eatery
  • James Testa, Testa & Associates
    James Testa
    Member, Board of Directors
    Chamber Legal Counsel

    Testa & Associates

  • Linda Bailey Photo
    Linda Bailey
    Member, Board of Directors
    Member, Membership Services

    Community Strategies Group
  • Celia Garcia
    Member, Board of Directors
    Tri-City Medical Center
  • Patrick Hadley, Hadley Media
    Patrick Hadley
    Member, Board of Directors
    Hadley Media

  • Colin Ross
    Member, Board of Directors
    Residence Inn by Marriott
  • Tess Radmill photo4
    Tess Radmill
    Member, Board of Directors
    City Liaison

    City of San Marcos