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Legislative Report Card

CalChamber Best Business Votes 2023

Legislators are listed in descending order according to how often they voted in accord with the California Chamber of Commerce position (first number) versus how often their votes were not in accord with the CalChamber position (second number) in 2021. Total votes may not match the vote record because the tally for absences is not included in this list. Votes when a legislator was absent are not included in calculating percentages.

80% or more with CalChamber

60-79% with CalChamber

40-59% with CalChamber

Less than 40% with CalChamber


Wilk, Scott (R)15-0
Alvarado-Gil, Marie (D)13-0
Dahle, Brian (R)13-0
Grove Shannon (R)13-0
Jones, Brian W. (R)13-0
Nguyen, Janet (R)13-0
Niello, Roger (D)13-0
Ochoa Bogh, Rosilicie (R)13-0
Seyarto, Kelly (R)13-0
Glazer, Steven (D)10-3
Caballero, Anna (D)7-5
Dodd, Bill (D)6-7
Roth, Richard (D)5-8
Newman, Josh (D)4-9
Ashby, Angelique (D)3-10
Archuleta, Bob J. (D)2-11
Blakespear, Catherine (D)2-11
Eggma, Susan Talamantes (D)2-11
Min, Dave (D)2-11
Rubio, Susan (D)2-11
Umberg, Tom (D)1-12
Padilla, Steve (D)0-12
Stern, Henry (D)0-12
Allen, Ben (D)0-13
Atkins, Toni (D)0-13
Becker, Josh (D)0-13
Bradford, Steven (D)0-13
Gonzalez, Lena (D)0-13
Hurtado, Melissa (D)0-13
Limón, Monique (D)0-13
McGuire, Mike (D)0-13
Menjivar, Caroline (D)0-13
Portantino, Anthony (D)0-13
Skinner, Nancy (D)0-13
Wahab, Aisha (D)0-13
Wiener, Scott (D)0-13
Cortese, Dave (D)0-15
Durazo, Maria Elena (D)0-15
Laird, John (D)0-15
Smallwood-Cuevas, Lola (D)0-15


Dixon, Diane (R)13-0
Flora, Heath (R)13-0
Hoover, Josh (R)13-0
Mathis, Devon (R)13-0
Waldron, Marie (R)13-0
Alanis, Juan (R)12-0
Chen, Phillip (R)12-0
Dahle, Megan (R)12-0
Davies, Laurie (R)12-0
Fong, Vince (R)12-0
Gallagher, James (R)12-0
Lackey, Tom (R)12-0
Patterson, Jim (R)12-0
Patterson, Joe (R)12-0
Sanchez, Kate (R)12-0
Ta, Tri (R)12-0
Wallis, Greg (R)12-0
Essayli, Bill (R)12-0
Nguyen, Stephanie (D)9-3
Rubio, Blanca (D)9-3
Villapudia, Carlos (D)9-3
Bains, Jasmeet (D)8-4
Petrie-Norris, Cottie (D)8-4
Pacheco, Blanca (D)8-5
Ramos, James C. (D)8-5
Quirk-Silva, Sharon (D)7-5
Soria, Esmeralda (D)7-5
Valencia, Avelino (D)7-5
Grayson, Tim (D)5-7
Irwin, Jacqui (D)5-7
Gipson, Mike (D)4-8
Wilson, Lori D. (D)4-9
Bauer-Kahan, Rebecca (D)3-9
Calderon, Lisa (D)3-9
Cervantes, Sabrina (D)3-9
Papan, Diane (D)3-9
Rodriguez, Freddie (D)3-9
Alvarez, David (D)2-10
Arambula, Joaquin (D)2-10
Schiavo, Pilar (D)2-10
Ting, Phil (D)2-10
Weber, Akilah (D)2-10
Aguiar-Curry, Cecilia2-11
Boerner, Tasha (D)2-11
Carrillo, Juan (D)1-11
Jones-Sawyer, Reggie (D)1-11
Low, Evan (D)1-11
Maienschein, Brian (D)1-11
Pellerin, Gail (D)1-12
Rivas, Luz (D)1-12
Gabriel, Jesse (D)0-11
Ortega, Liz (D)0-11
Bennett, Steve (D)0-12
Berman, Marc (D)0-12
Bonta, Mia (D)0-12
Bryan, Isaac (D)0-12
Carrillo, Wendy (D)0-12
Connolly, Damon (D)0-12
Fong, Mike (D)0-12
Garcia, Eduardo (D)0-12
Haney, Matt (D)0-12
Hart, Gregg (D)0-12
Holden, Chris (D)0-12
Jackson, Corey (D)0-12
Kalra, Ash (D)0-12
Lee, Alex (D)0-12
Lowenthal, Josh (D)0-12
McCarty, Kevin (D)0-12
McKinnor, Tina (D)0-12
Rendon, Anthony (D)0-12
Reyes, Eloise (D)0-12
Santiago, Miguel (D)0-12
Wicks, Buffy (D)0-12
Addis, Dawn (D)0-12
Reyes, Eloise (D)0-13
Friedman, Laura (D)0-13
Muratsushi, Al (D)0-13
Rivas, Robert (D)0-13
Ward, Chris (D)0-13
Wood, Jim (D)0-13
Zbur, Rick Chavez (D)0-13

Partial Picture

No vote record can tell the entire story of a legislator’s attitude and actions on issues of importance to business. To fully evaluate your legislative representative, consult the legislative journals and examine your legislator’s votes in committee and on floor issues.

You can view these via links at

Many anti-business bills were rejected by legislators in policy or fiscal committees, thus stopping proposals before they reached the floor for a vote. The vote record does not capture these votes.

Most bills in this report cover major business issues that are of concern to both small and large companies.

The CalChamber recognizes that there are many bills supported or opposed by business that are not included in this vote record and analysis.

Factors Considered

The CalChamber considers the following factors in selecting vote record bills:

  • The bills and votes reflect legislators’ attitudes toward private enterprise, fiscal responsibility and the business climate.
  • Each bill was a CalChamber priority in a particular field. Priority bills generally have appeared in the “Status Report” sections of Alert.
  • The bills were voted upon by either the full Senate or Assembly. This year, the vote record covers 10 votes in the Senate and 11 votes in the Assembly.
  • Unless otherwise noted, final floor votes are shown. Concurrence votes are considered final votes.

When ‘Not Voting’ Helps

Sometimes a legislator is unwilling to vote against a colleague, but is willing to support the CalChamber’s opposition to a bill. In such cases, a legislator may abstain from voting, which will hinder passage of a bill, just as a “no” vote does.

To recognize that not voting can aid the CalChamber’s opposition to a bill, the vote record includes the number of times legislators did not vote “aye” on a CalChamber-opposed bill in the total for the column listing actions “in accord with” the CalChamber’s position, if the legislator was not absent for the day.

Priority Bills

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