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Make A Difference In Your Community

How can you make a difference?

The time and resources that companies offer are critical to meeting the pressing needs of our community. However, corporate volunteering isn't just a one-way street. Studies have shown that volunteering has measurable value beyond the satisfaction of making a difference.

Check out a few of the business benefits that corporate service can provide below!

The Power of Corporate Volunteering

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Do More to Support

79% of employees wish their companies would do more to support a social or environmental cause or issue. (1)

Days of Service

Three out of four employees want to get involved with their company’s cause-related efforts through company-sponsored days of service. (1)

Community Reputation

The second most important driver of employee engagement in the United States is an organization’s reputation in the community. (2)

Employee Engagement

Companies with the highest levels of employee engagement see more than a 19% average annual increase in their operating income. (3)

(1) Cause Evolution Study, Cone. 2019; (2) Global Workforce, Towers Perrin, 2019, (3) Towers Watson, 2019

Ready to Get Started?

Let the Chamber's Community Committee set up a volunteer event for your employees!

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Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering offers valuable benefits for both employees and companies. It promotes leadership and skill development by challenging individuals to address community issues, enhancing adaptability and problem-solving. Surveys indicate that over 80% of professionals credit volunteering for honing their leadership skills, with three in four endorsing it for professional growth. Additionally, volunteering strengthens teamwork, as evidenced by 97% of managers confirming improved internal collaboration, and 78% of volunteers noting enhanced communication skills. Beyond financial incentives, volunteering boosts employee loyalty and job satisfaction, with studies showing increased pride in company values (48%) and loyalty (66%), leading to better performance and lower turnover. For young professionals, corporate volunteer programs are a significant consideration during job evaluation, reflecting a preference for community service aligned with skills and a willingness to trade reduced roles or wages for meaningful societal contribution.


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