Public Policy Guidelines

Civil Litigation

POLICY OBJECTIVE: Promote the elimination of lawsuit abuse and unwarranted or
excessive litigation.


  • Support the use of arbitration, mediation and other alternatives to litigation.
  • Support placing reasonable limits on attorney contingency fees and allowing an equitable distribution of litigation expenses and liability.
  • Support efforts that require proof of consumer injury as a basis for data breach
    and/or related litigation.

Economic Development

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote, preserve and enhance a positive business climate.


  • Support strategies that encourage manufacturing and growth industry clusters
    that produce high multiplier effects and strengthen global competitiveness.
  • Support programs and legislation that will promote San Marcos and North County
    as a location for business.
  • Support a balanced regulatory climate that promotes economic growth with
    reasonable regulatory requirements.
  • Support legislation, regulations and government agency actions that give full
    consideration to the rights of private property owners.

Education/Workforce Development

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote a strong education system that meets the needs of
business for an educated and highly skilled workforce.


  • Support effective and timely communication between businesses and the
    education community to assure that education and training programs are closely
    linked to employer and labor market needs.
  • Support appropriate funding for education facilities, technology, programs and
    teacher preparation with more local control over both revenues and expenditures
  • Support rigorous academic, technical and vocational coursework designed to
    provide the technical and soft skills required for employment.
  • Support business partnerships with universities strong in applied research
    capabilities to solve problems and provide students with opportunities for
    practical experience.
  • Support cooperative and joint ventures between private businesses and public
    and private centers of higher education.
  • Support workforce development initiatives that will advance the health care

Energy Issues

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote the achievement of a reliable, safe, stable, and
competitively priced energy system for businesses and consumers.


  • Support energy policies and regulations that promote adequate supplies and
    reasonable pricing.
  • Support improvements in generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure
    required to support future statewide growth and reserve needs.
  • Encourage close coordination between state and local regulatory agencies to
    ensure responsible protections for the environment while supporting reasonable
    growth needs.
  • Support continued research, development and use of cleaner, alternate power
  • Support a more participatory role for business in regulatory processes.

Environmental Quality

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote the protection of our environment without sacrificing
economic prosperity or global competitiveness.


  • Support the involvement of business in developing environmental protection,
    pollution prevention and emission reduction strategies.
  • Support measures that utilize market-based incentives in the pursuit of
    environmental quality.
  • Support environmental regulations that are based upon sound science and
    produce achievable, cost effective and measurable benefits to public health and
    the environment.
  • Support streamlining the regulatory and permitting process, eliminating
    unnecessary regulations.
  • Support consistency and coordination in the California Environmental Quality Act
    to streamline processes and curb abuses such as excessive litigation.

Government Reform

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote a continuous, ongoing review of the role of government
in providing essential public services.


  • Support government which is streamlined and provides cost-effective services.
  • Support the elimination of unfunded State and federal mandates.
  • Support enactment of effective public pension reforms.
  • Support local control where appropriate and beneficial to business.
  • Support a more equitable method of distribution of funding of local governments.

Health Care Reform

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote health care policies that provide long-term control of
both quality and cost of health care.


  • Support tax deductions for businesses offering health care coverage.
  • Support tort reform that limits attorney fees awarded in medical malpractice
  • Support legislation that would allow consumers to choose medical insurance
    from providers that are across state lines in addition to those that are within
  • Support a market-driven health care system.
  • Support health care programs based on quality, outcome data, and preventative


POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote policies that facilitate and assist the creation of a full
range of housing options necessary to accommodate California’s population and
economic growth.


  • Support legislation and policies that promote jobs-housing balances in cities and
  • Support removal of legislative and regulatory barriers to the construction of
    homes sufficient to meet California’s basic needs for shelter.
  • Support growth that takes advantage of existing mass transit corridors and
    stations and provides incentives for transit oriented development.

International Trade

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote international investment in San Marcos and trade with
San Marcos businesses.


  • Support legislation that allows open and fair competition and enhances the local
    business environment at the local, regional, and international levels of trade.
  • Support legislation and programs that promote business investment in California
    and/or San Marcos.

Public Safety

POLICY OBJECTIVE:romote measures enhancing the public safety of the
businesses and residents of the city of San Marcos.


  • Support a strong state, county and local public safety emergency response
    system including police, fire and medical treatment components that enhance
    community safety.
  • Support programs that provide education about business, home and personal
    safety and protection. .

Regulatory Reform

POLICY OBJECTIVE:romote a simplified regulatory environment that is business-


  • Support measures that reduce administrative burdens on businesses created by
    regulations and permit requirements.
  • Support mandatory periodic reviews of existing regulations.
  • Support measures that require governing bodies to include input from the
    impacted businesses before promulgating regulations.
  • Support measures that increase government accountability, including adequate
    opportunities to appeal regulatory decisions.
  • Support programs that educate businesses on regulatory and permitting
    requirements and assist businesses in complying with those requirements..

Solid Waste/Recycling

POLICY OBJECTIVE:romote a balanced approach to solid waste management
that does not unfairly burden the business community with high fees.


  • Support an equitable approach to solid waste handling fees.
  • Support the partnership of the solid waste providers, the cities and private
    enterprise that recognize business’ efforts to recycle.

Taxes And Fess

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote a tax structure that encourages economic growth.


  • Support balanced local, state and federal budgets that reduce spending without
    shifting costs to or imposing mandates upon other levels of government.
  • Support simplification of the tax code.
  • Oppose taxes, fees, or burdensome regulations that would have the effect of
    stifling competition and commerce.


POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote a well-maintained community infrastructure supporting
economic expansion, and the efficient movement of people, goods and services.


  • Support for a comprehensive and cost-effective transportation network.
  • Support measures that ensure transportation related taxes are used for
    transportation projects.
  • Support for allocation of State funding for transportation projects in our region.
  • Support for public-private partnerships when appropriate, sustainable and cost-
  • Support for private sector participation in the planning and oversite of
    transportation related projects.

Wage Compensation And Employment

POLICY OBJECTIVE:romote a robust economic environment with a strong diverse
labor pool.


  • Support legislation that promotes flexibility in the employer/employee relationship.
  • Support legislation that promotes flexibility and clarity in the relationship between
    businesses and independent contractors.
  • Support measures that encourage efficient, fair resolution of wage and
    employment disputes.
  • Support measures that establish and maintain a sound, efficiently operated
    unemployment insurance fund.

Water And Wastewater

POLICY OBJECTIVE:Promote proper maintenance and management of water
resources and water facilities.


  • Support legislation, policies and local projects leading to cost-effective water
    reliability and independence.
  • Support cooperation among water agencies leading to water management
    efficiencies and ultimately savings to ratepayers.
  • Support for policies and local projects leading to water source and storage

Worker’s Compensation

POLICY OBJECTIVE:romote workers’ compensation system that efficiently provides
timely and fair benefits to injured workers and minimizes administrative and frictional
costs to employers.


  • Support policies calling for aggregation and centralization of data from the entire
    system supply chain.
  • Support use of advanced analytics to detect fraud.
  • Support the use of the Medicaid model of suspending fraudulent providers.
  • Support policies that minimize costs associated with permanent disability claims
    and prolonged treatment.
  • Support policies the encourage efficiency in handling of claims and delivery of
  • Support policies that effectively address the costs associated with cumulative
    trauma claims.