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Member Spotlight: PinPoint Local Carlsbad

PinPoint Local Carlsbad is a Digital Marketing company that is designed for local businesses. Owner Ramon Salinas started the business three years ago and recently joined the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce. 

What services and/or specialty products do you provide? Web development & hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reviews and Social Media Management. 

What sets you apart from others in your industry? Our focus on local businesses and supporting their positive impact to the community. 

What question are you asked most frequently by clients / prospective buyers? How long does it take? Many clients want fast solutions to longstanding problems. The good news is our consultative approach helps finding the right solution for the business goal they want to achieve.  

What is your favorite business success story? When a client that needed a website and was very hesitant because they assumed it would cost “thousands and thousands of dollars”, then we provided the exact solution they needed for under $1,000. 

What motivated you to join The San Marcos Chamber? As someone doing business I’ve been a resident of San Marcos since 1999, I have seen our communities grow immensely in that time. And we believe that when our local businesses do well the community will continue to do well. Pair that with the exceptional memberships team and business community in San Marcos and it was a no-brainer. 

What's your best piece of business advice? The journey of an entrepreneur is one of personal development. To grow as business owners we have to grow as individuals first, then our business and team will benefit, and by extension our clients and communities. 


Business website: 

Business Instagram handle: @pinpointlocalcarlsbad 

Business Facebook page: 

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