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Member Spotlight: Door Dorks

Door Dorks: A Decade of Excellence in San Diego's Garage Door Industry 

Since 2009, Door Dorks has been at the forefront of garage door services in San Diego County. As the most convenient, responsive, and friendly full-service garage door company, they utilize their “nerd-level” garage door knowledge to repair or replace damaged or aging garage doors. They joined the San Marcos Chamber driven by the desire to be part of a community! 

How long have you been in business?  Since 2009 

What does your business do?  Door Dorks is the most convenient, responsive, and friendly full-service garage door company in San Diego County. We harness our nerd-level garage door knowledge to repair or replace your damaged or aging garage door. We take pride in our work, delivering exceptional service—on time, and within most budgets. We work super-efficiently to help you get back to the more important things in your day. 

What sets you apart from others in your industry?  We take pride in offering excellent customer service, expert workmanship, high quality parts and products, all at a fair price. 

What question are you asked most frequently by clients? “My garage door closes halfway and then goes back up.”  Usually this indicates an obstruction or misalignment of their safety sensors.  We are happy to walk them through some troubleshooting over the phone to avoid a service call. 

What is your favorite business success story? I would say, in general, I am most proud of operating our business with the utmost integrity.  We stand behind our work 100% and aim for complete customer satisfaction.  I’m also proud of the fact that we are able to offer our employees a great salary, paid time-off, full-coverage health insurance benefits and a 401K matching retirement plan. 

What motivated you to join The San Marcos Chamber?  We joined the San Marcos Chamber to feel a sense of community.   

 As someone doing business in San Marcos, what are you looking forward to accomplishing with the Chamber?  To have the opportunity to network with and support other local, small businesses.   

What's your best piece of business advice?  Treat your customers with compassion and respect.  Spend the time needed to educate them and help them choose the best possible option for their situation. 



Facebook: Door Dorks

Instagram: @Door_Dorks

Door Dorks President, Jason Cessna
Door Dorks President, Jason Cessna
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